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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Annual Conference-Tim Spetnagel

Each year around the first part of January, we as missionaries have the privilege of participating with our national church brethren in their pastor’s conference. This year was even more special to me than previous years when I had attended. In the past it has been difficult because of the language barrier. I have progressed to the point where I am now able to understand concepts better and not just understand the meaning of words.

The pastors’ meetings lasted from Monday through Friday this year. The first part of the conference consisted of business meetings, and Thursday and Friday was spent in seminars dealing with issues relating to the family.

I had the privilege of taking one of our leaders from Choluteca to the conference with me. Abdis is a young leader in our San Jeronimo congregation. He is a promising leader that God has his hand on. I was able to be with him each day at the conference. It was special to me to hear Abdis comment that, “The messages on purity have made a real impression on me and I want to take this information back to the church and share it with them.”

Marco Vega from Costa Rica was in charge of the teaching seminars. He is a pastor of a medium-size church and does seminars for Focus on the Family. It was a blessing to see a young pastor that has passion to see servants of God conformed to the likeness of Christ. One of my favorite moments was when he was talking about, “being pure as a pastor and being accountable for his or her actions.”

On Wednesday night, a choir from “Abundant Life Church” worshipped with us. As I sat there in the congregation, I closed my eyes and listened to them sing. It brought back memories of when I was in college. You could sense the Holy Spirit ministering to our hearts. After the group sang, it was a delight to hear Tim Hawk preach. He preached on the theme, I want to be like you. He preached about how his dad sacrificed to come to Honduras as a missionary in the 1940’s. He also talked about the characteristics of a servant and what it means to sacrifice. God blessed our time as we worshipped together.

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