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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jairo's summer visit

By Angie Overholt
Jairo Fonseca, a friend and fellow minister in Honduras, was able to come to the US for 2 months this summer. Besides being a pastor of one of our churches Jairo is one of our auto-mechanics instructors at the vocational school. The days were very full as we tried to visit as many people as possible, as well as, check out vocational schools, technical universities, and other opportunities for ideas to use in improving the community outreach in Choluteca.

It seemed like every day was an opportunity for Jairo to minister here, including helping a Spanish-speaking man with his car. We had stopped at a gas station to fill up and Jairo got out of the car to go inside the store. When we looked up we saw that Jairo had stopped and was visiting with a man. He was a Spanish-speaking man who was traveling across the country and was having problems with his car. We were able to take him to a store where he bought a battery and wrenches to change the batteries. We thought about how great God's timing was that we had been at the right place at the right time to provide help for someone in need. 

The very next day we visited a flea market. Larry and Jairo have a common love for books so it was understood that we would browse through the book store. We never expected to find Spanish books but to our surprise the owner had several different Spanish books and gave us a copy of each one for our library in Choluteca. He later gave us a box of Bibles and has offered to keep an eye out for more books. What a unexpected blessing!


We were able to visit many people who have been partners in our ministry for years. Jairo got a taste of what Home Ministry Assignment is all about and repeatedly told us that he was going back to tell everyone in Honduras that HMA is not a vacation for the missionaries. Jairo went with us to see the Psolla family and we got a tour of some of the vegetable farms in the muck grounds of the Hartville, Ohio area. We were given a special treat of going out to the sweet corn field and picking fresh ears of corn for supper. Jairo was most impressed with the old tractors and trucks and a 35 year old plant that they kept in the greenhouse. 

 We made two trips into Michigan. Larry was able to build up the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry with Jairo. Maybe he over did it just a bit. When we crossed into Ohio on the way home Jairo said "whew" with a sigh of relief. He said everyone that drove by us noticed our Ohio tags on the car. What a joy to visit one of the very first people to get on board with us as new missionaries over 30 years ago. Ken Traxler actually took the pictures for our first prayer cards. Larry had met him in 1978 at Ohio State when Ken was a driver of one of the campus buses.  Ken now rides a motercycle and travels with friends, but was able to take a Sunday afternoon off to meet with us. What a special, humble man who loves the Lord!

At one of the churches that we spoke at we were treated to a lunch at a bed and breakfast house in Coshocton, Ohio's historic Roscoe Village. Jairo love history and was enthralled by some of the indian artifacts and old radios that adorned the house.

Jairo was impressed with a life-sized Thomas the Train and village constructed by our good friends Lynn and Ellyn Dunlap. Of course our grandsons loved it too. 

With Larry's brother and family.

A quick tour of Washington DC.

We visited several members of our family and even managed to swing by Washington DC during one of our trips. We drove all night and got into the train station parking lot at about 4:00 A.M. 

A special highlight to the end of Jairo's visit was a trip that he and Larry made to attend a service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York. It is something that Larry and Jairo have long dreamed of doing and they were thrilled to be a part of the Tuesday prayer meeting. They even found time to walk to "Ground Zero" from Brooklyn. They got lost from the hotel coming back though and had to call Rachel and ask her to get the map on the internet to guide them back. 

Besides all the visiting Jairo was able to get some much needed medical exams while here. We are grateful for the help provided by getting an echocardiogram and some dental work. Pray for Jairo's families medical needs. He will likely have to get surgery to replace a heart valve at some point. 

What a great privilege it was for us to show one of our best friends from Honduras around some of our favorite places.

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