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Friday, November 6, 2009

Update on Larry

We want to update everyone on some medical tests that Larry has had. A few people are aware that he has had a really bad respiratory infection which has been complicated by his asthma. As a result, Angie had to travel by herself a couple of weekends.

A second trip to the Emergency Room resulted in administering an EKG which appeared slightly abnormal. Blood tests revealed that there was no damage to the heart but as a precaution Larry was sent to a heart specialist. A heart echocardiogram showed no obvious problems. A nuclear stress test showed that heart rate, blood pressure and EKG were all fine.

As I understand it, the Thallium imaging test revealed that there is a portion of the lower heart that is not receiving the normal amount of blood flow in the tissue. The doctor said that the test is 85% conclusive that something needs to be done. Larry has been scheduled for a heart catheterization procedure which will determine the next steps in treating the problem. If necessary, a stint may be inserted into the heart at the time of the procedure.

Larry is feeling fine. In fact, he has no restrictions right now on exercise. Since he has no symptoms of heart problems, we are very content that we have been alerted very early to any possible problem. We simply ask for your prayers. The test will be done at 8:30 A.M. on Thursday November 12th.

Thank you for praying, Larry and Angie

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  1. PS Everything came back fine. There is not blockage and I do not have to have any more tests. Cleared to return to Honduras.