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A Time For Reflection

By Larry and Osman Echeverria Agriculture students learning to work with goats. Reflection- It's the end of the fiscal year (March 2019) for World Gospel Mission (WGM) and it's time for us to write our annual report. It's the time of the year when we always stop and reflect on the past and ask God to give us a renewed vision for the future. We've been doing this annually for most of our 39 years of service with WGM. We are also approaching our 19th anniversary of working in Choluteca in collaborative work between WGM and the Honduras Holiness Church (IESH). Returning to Honduras in January brought us face-to-face once again with the reality of the needs and opportunities of Honduras youth. Apacilagua-  Since coming to Choluteca, I have always felt the drive to teach agriculture. We had been told that there was a school in the region that had a high school agriculture program. In 2014, along with my adviser, a fellow student at OSU and one of our health promoters

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