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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Work Team-Bill and Candy Brummer

Dear Prayer Supporters
It’s Saturday afternoon in Choluteca. God has been so, so good. Our travel conformed to all plans on schedule. Yesterday, we were greeted at the Tegucigalpa airport by our host missionaries Larry & Angie Overholt about 1:30 pm local time and treated to a wonderful meal at McDonalds right there in the airport. Then a colorful three-hour drive to Choluteca, seeing all sorts of interesting sights on the way. A compact pick-up truck was traveling down the mountain side with a full grown horse standing in the bed.
Our accommodations are “plush”. A local motel is just three short blocks from the Overholt’s house. We even have air conditioning. The hotel is only six months old, so everything is spic-n-span. The shower is warm in the afternoon and cool in the morning, as the water comes directly from a cistern on the roof.
This morning we went out to the Vocational School, about 6 miles away. We got a short tour of the facilities and met “Hi-ro”. That’s the way his name is pronounced, although Angie said it’s spelled “Jairo”. He is the auto mechanics teacher, he is also the pastor at the local Holiness church, he is also studying for his divinity degree, and he is the “house daddy” for the nine young men who are boarding students at the school. Larry says this man is so gifted and talented, there’s none like him. We rejoice that he is willing to serve God in such a remarkable way.
The four men on the team got started right away with heavy work to build a new sidewalk between two buildings. The path is strewn with very old concrete that needs to be dug up and replaced. We used picks and shovels to break the old surface into rubble, then hauled it away in wheel barrows. We started about 9:00 and worked till 12:30 when the noon sun beat down on these tired bodies. The temperature is only about 100 degrees today.
Meanwhile the five ladies went to the market with Angie, baked dozens of cupcakes, and prepared for the guests tonight. Since this is Valentine’s Day, the local church will arrive at the Overholt’s house tonight for a party – grilled steaks, chicken, and great fellowship. We are all excited about meeting the congregation.
Your prayers have meant so much to us. In reality, the planning and the getting here was so relaxing, as the preparations were adequate and our team members are so willing to accommodate every need. Thanks so much for your continued prayers as we minister this week. We are looking forward the enjoying the worship services tomorrow.
Bill & Candy

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