Cheaper than expected

Wouldn't you be excited if the estimated cost of a major construction project was reduced to 61% of the original rough estimate? We are very excited with the news that it will likely cost must less to build our new classrooms than we had originally thought. 

Our Choluteca ministry team has been praying and studying possible options for how we can continue with our vision for adding another grade to the high school next year. We feel that there is only one option available to us. In order to continue with our vision, it is necessary for us to build new classrooms before February.

We came to several conclusions. We can not build on the new property that we are purchasing until we have finally paid for the property. Our only option for construction on the original property that we own (located next to the new property) is to build 3 second-story classrooms over our parking area. By building on our existing property, the value of the property will increase and the use of the property will be maximized.

Hector, our architect, explaining his drawings
to our teachers. 
Stepping out on faith, after concluding that our only feasible option is to build on our existing property, we contacted an architect to come up with the design and cost analysis for the project. We now have a set of plans and a budget of materials and labor for the project.

As soon as we have the economic resources, we can begin the initial construction phase of putting the footers in place. The second story classrooms will be over our parking area and total 406.2 square meters for both floors. The construction cost is calculated to be around $85,000 total. We always hope we can be more efficient in the end, but the calculated cost per square meter comes out to a little over  $200/square meter for both floors.
Arq. Obed Velásquez


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