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Monday, April 20, 2009

Which Jairo are you talking about?

Dale and Glenna Dorothy, WGM international pastors to us as missionaries have been visiting us. I have been explaining some of the different ministries that we are involved in here in Choluteca, Honduras.

I explained to Dale and Glenna that one of our church's is pastored by a man by the name of Jairo. Jairo is a fantastic pastor. The church is so blessed to have a pastor with so many talents. Jairo works together with his wife in counseling members of the congregation. One of the things that most amazes me is that Jairo is busy as a pastor but he still has been studying at the Nazarene seminary. He has been the top student in Greek and Hebrew. He finds ways of teaching the Greek or Hebrew root of different words in the Spanish text from which he preaches. The church also has a group of 8 boarding students who live above the parsonage and Jairo leads them in a devotional and prayer time every evening.

I was also explaining to the Dorothys how fortunate we are to have a fantastic mechanic by the name of Jairo teaching in the vocational school. This Jairo worked for Mercedes Benz at one time. He is working with our second-year auto mechanics students to open a service center for repairing vehicles. Jairo has also bought three vehicles to fix up and resell at a profit. Jairo's reputation for repairing vehicles is spreading around the country. During the second week of May, Jairo is taking his students and loading up their tools to go fix a bus that is in another part of the country.

Our regional Bible Institute director's name is Jairo as well. Classes on Old Testament Survey will be held on May 15-17th. Jairo has been preparing nearly 40 students in the region to take the first class. The majority of the students are from our new Shalom congregation. Others come from our two congregations in El Limon and a couple come from other denominations. Under Jairo's guidance, the students have been working thier way through the workbook over the last couple of weeks. Jairo has arranged for visiting teachers to spend a weekend in intensive classes.

When I mentioned that Jairo's brother needed prayer because he is losing his eyesight, Dale asked, "Which Jairo are you talking about?" In reality, Jairo Fonseca is one man and he does much more than I have already mentioned. I don't know how he finds time to be the good father that he is or how he has the energy to encourage his brother in a time of such need. The only hope for the return of Jairo's brother's eyesight is to have cornea implants in both eyes.

Please pray for Jairo's brother. It seems to be an impossible dream to obtain the transplants. Especially pray for Jairo as he is feeling the need to help carry his brother's burden.

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