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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Something has to be done

Something obviously had to be done. We are excited to be able to respond in a small way to the present need. Missionaries are excited. The Shalom Church is excited. The community is excited. Vidal and Socorro are especially excited with the recent activities that are beginning to take place. Everyone is working together to bring about a positive change.

I admire Vidal. He has worked diligently to provide for his family and never complains. He has been without regular work recently and a series of medical emergencies have added to their difficult living situation.
Their house is made out of sticks with plastered dirt covering the sticks. There are spots where the dirt did not stick and you can see through the house. Vidal has gathered a variety of pieces of tin together to make a roof. Vidal and Socorro have been living with their four children in a high risk flood zone. They were evacuated from their home in October being forced to live for a week at the church because they had no place else to go.

I was made especially aware of the situation when Angie and I attempted to visit the family at their home for the purpose of praying with Heidi their young daughter who has been ill. We went as close to the house as we could get and were ready to turn around and give up on any hope of reaching the house when we saw the family including Heidi wading toward us through the knee deep water so that I could pray with her.

The decision had already been made to try to help the family build a new house. Watching them pick their way through the muddy swamp was all the confirmation that we necessary to prove that there was a great need.  
Last week a lot was donated by the Choluteca municipality for Vidal and Socorro to build a house. Many people have contributed materials and members of the church are volunteering time and offering to cook meals for the workers. A work team from the Indian Springs Holiness Camp in Georgia is coming the second week in February to lend a hand as well.

It has taken a team effort to make a dream come true for Vidal and Socorro.

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