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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Medical brigades

After a long day at Pueblo Nuevo
We were blessed to have The Ohio State University medical brigade come in March. There were 35 on the team, which sounds like a lot, but each one contributed to the success of the team. There were undergraduate nursing students, nurse practitioner students, pharmacy students, professors, translators, and kitchen staff. With the wonderful planning of Dr. Kathleen Stone, Dr. Lissa Barker, and Professor Jeff Huston, everything went smoothly.

We held clinics in 7 different areas, with blood pressure and glucose testing for each person, a women’s health clinic, a family medicine clinic, and a pharmacy set up. There were over 1000 people seen in the 5 days. Two days we divided the team into two groups to be able to work in two different areas at the same time.
In the mornings, Dr. Stone took the undergraduates to the hospital and did wound care in each of the wards: men’s surgical, women’s surgical, and pediatrics. It was a good experience for the students, and a big help to the hospital staff.

It was extra special to have Maria come help with the team.
We are thankful for the brigades that have come down each year for the past 13 years. Due to the compassionate care given, the door has been opened into some of the villages to start health teaching and then kids’ clubs, leading then to an evangelistic outreach.

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