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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Teaching Teachers to Teach Sunday School

Kenis is one of our vocational school instructors
and also a Sunday School teacher.
Nearly everything we do in ministry involves teaching. The majority of our time is spent either actively teaching others or it is spent with us learning from others. Often, teaching and learning go on at the same time.
The Shalom Church is blessed with a special group of teachers. Several members of the congregation are experienced professional teachers at different academic levels in the public and private education system, while others teach outside a formal classroom.  Beyond the practical experience and natural talents that each one has, God has given these teachers the spiritual gift of teaching for the purpose of edifying the local church.

It appears that everyone had a great time,
We recently held a Christian Education seminar that was planned and carried out by our own teachers from the Shalom church. There were 25 teachers in attendance. Some are already active Sunday School teachers, others were leaders of discipleship groups and others were involved in our outreach ministries to the new churches that we are helping start. There were also several participants who are future teachers responding to God’s call on their lives to become involved in the work of the church.  I was amazed by the years of experience among our teachers. These men and women have been obedient in working tirelessly for the past three years.
I was also impacted by the potential that is represented by these teachers. I wonder how much can be accomplished if each one reaches their potential?

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