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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Wedding

David and Stacey had dreamed of a June wedding, but had decided to wait until December when we were planning a trip home for Christmas. They wanted Larry to perform the wedding.
Plans for a December wedding abruptly changed back to June again when we decided to come home early.  Angie needed to have the surgeon look at her shoulder due to increasing pain and reduction of mobility.

All the reservations were made for the wedding and reception which were to be held in a beautiful Downtown Columbus restaurant. Deadlines had been met for everything that needed to done. All seemed to be fine on the last day before the wedding. The dinner was to be a cook-out, but due to the heat, we decided to move it inside. Just at the last minute the storm hit! Standing outside with an umbrella in front of a grill cooking is not highly recommended during a storm. We ate supper by candlelight, and it turned out to be a nice time to visit and get to know Stacey’s family better.
The lights went out but we weren’t concerned. We never even thought about it becoming a problem until the next morning after we had spent the entire the night without air conditioning. Suddenly we went into panic mode.
In order to get ready for the wedding everyone had to be flexible at the last minute. The hairdresser did not have power. We lit candles for light. Everyone took the inconvenience in stride, including Stacey, until mid-morning when we found out that the restaurant was not going to open due to not having electricity.

Everyone moved into emergency mode. After several phone calls and help from friends, another place was found where they could set up for the wedding.

Fortunately, there was electricity at the planned location for the pre-wedding pictures. Pictures were taken of the beautiful bride and her handsome groom in his military uniform at the historic Ohio capital building. Then the procession (which consisted of 20 people) went to the restaurant and the ceremony was held. It was a beautiful setting, with a young woman from David and Stacey’s church playing the guitar for the wedding music. Quinn and Colin (our grandsons) were the ring bearers. Larry had agreed to preach the wedding as long as he was given an hour of time in the ceremony. Everyone was grateful that in the end he kept it to a few minutes.
We are blessed to have Stacey in our family now. We are also blessed to have David back in the States after some time of serving overseas in the military. May God bless their marriage as they look to Him for guidance for their future!

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