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Sunday, August 12, 2012

In memory of a great man

Pastor Reinaldo in 2003
We may tend to accept certain stereotypes of greatness, but wealth, health and fame are not necessarily indicators of true human greatness. Pastor Reinaldo, one of the greatest men that I have known, lived under humble conditions. His health had continually deteriorated during the last ten years of his life. It became increasingly difficult to do the thing that he most enjoyed which was the preaching of God’s Word. During these past ten years he was not able to do physical work that would permit him to help support himself and his family. He never sought the limelight among men. Reinaldo’s greatness came from his willingness to serve Christ and the neediest of people.

Pastor Reinaldo accompanied by his wife.
Reinaldo had married his wife Florencia when he was 23 years old and accepted Christ as his personal Savior two years later. He lived a life that was faithful to his wife and an example to his four children and his grandchildren. He was known throughout the community for his concern for others, his convictions and his dedication to serving Christ.

Reinaldo had been the pastor of a Choluteca congregation prior to Hurricane Mitch. He often mentioned that Mitch had carried away the church building and half of the congregation’s members.  After the start of the new regional ministry in 1999 by the Honduras Holiness Church and World Gospel Mission, pastor Reinaldo began working with the ministry team.

A member of the Pastoral Team at the Shalom Church
Pastor Reinaldo was a founding member of the Shalom church in 2009 and served on the church’s pastoral staff from the beginning. Pastor Reinaldo was especially fond of preaching and teaching in the village of La Cuchilla. On Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, he would travel with other team members on the ministry circuit. Usually, he would carry his guitar with him, but there were times when he did not have the energy to play the guitar.

Pastor Reinaldo had often said that his desire was to spend his last days on this earth preaching the Gospel. God gave pastor Reinaldo his heart's desire. On the 28th of July, 2012 Reinaldo preached his last sermon in the community "Siete de Mayo". When the invitation was given, 11 people accepted Christ as their personal Savior. During a follow-up visit a week later, twelve days before Reinaldo's death, two more people made professions of faith. Reinaldo has left a legacy for others to imitate. He has helped create a vision for the future.  

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