Guest Post-Pastor Greg Leeth

We appreciate Greg and Teresa Leeth for their service to the missionaries in Honduras. They recently visited the ministry in Choluteca and graciously agreed to write a guest blog telling about their visit-Larry

The challenges faced by many in the world never cease to astonish me. Poverty, illness and a lack of opportunity are throughout the world. And Choluteca, Honduras is no exception. The basic need for homes, clean water, education and daily food are a part of everyday life for those who live in this most southern Department (State) of Honduras.

Recently while in the city providing pastoral support to missionaries through Member Health WGM, within which my wife and I serve, I had the opportunity to see these challenges first hand. And while the challenges are there, so are answers. Answers through community development efforts in these needed areas alongside the work of the Shalom church lead by Pastor David, are making a “daily” difference.

What a privilege to stand inside a new block home where there is no worry for the family of collapse from rain nor wind as would be the case in the old, adobe structure still standing beside the new one. The look of satisfaction and hope is present. Or to see the students involved in learning a trade at the technical school which provides a future income for themselves and their families. Or to think of the great opportunity of the February 2017 start of nurses training that will not only provide a profession for those who complete the program but also medical assistance to the many throughout the communities who have health issues as they work in local hospitals and clinics. And then there are English classes, personal hygiene instruction, gardening and other programs to help supply food necessities.

What a joy also to see the many works of the church to evangelize the community and to reach out to the surrounding villages where strong churches have been birthed and continue to grow in the Lord. Lives are being changed as husbands, wives and children are being taught the truths of the Gospel. It is an honor to hear of plans for outreach specifically to the men of the community for the purpose of maximum impact upon the local families.

The hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being spread as the missionary and the church seek the Lord’s guidance for the best ways to meet these basics of life. Without doubt, the Lord is being glorified as lives are being helped and changed through community development and evangelism. The faces and testimonies of those touched prove it!

The call is ours to also assist. The Church body is key in the work of missions in Choluteca. Larry and Angie Overholt, Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel and Sarah Larson need us to encourage, prayer for and to help provide to them as they work tirelessly to accomplish the goals of the ministry in Choluteca, Honduras.


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