Preparing for Transition

We never know how many years of active ministry we have left as a missionary couple. Even though we are not thinking of retiring, we both turned 62 years old this year. We have spent 37 years of service with World Gospel Mission. During that time, we have been involved in many transitions and have participated in numerous projects. We have developed deep friendships and have been involved in the spiritual growth of people’s lives. We have had a great support team made up of people who have faithfully prayed for us and have financially supported the work in Honduras. Many of our champions have visited us in Honduras to give a helping hand and a personal word of encouragement.

We are not simply turning nostalgic, but are looking forward to the next challenge in which God wants us to be involved. Every morning when we wake up we are anticipating what God has prepared for us. Realistically, we realize that this may be our last major project as missionaries.

Fulfilling a dream for Choluteca and all of Honduras.

For several years, we have been dreaming of starting the nursing school. We believe that implementing a high school nursing program in Honduras will radically transform health care across the nation.

It’s a huge dream for the Choluteca ministry that has been implemented, but we will not be able to see it finished. Younger missionaries and local church members share our vision and have expanded the vision. We want them to be able to continue building on the firm foundation that has already been established. We believe that God has prepared great things for the next generation of leaders in Choluteca. Would you consider joining us in leaving a firm legacy for the next generation of faithful leaders?

God has opened the doors for us to establish the very first nursing high school in Honduras. When classes for the nursing school began in February, we knew that we had a lot of work to do. The remodeling of our present “clinic” property would be a short-term immediate solution to the space we needed. A second year of nursing students would not fit on the property. We need room for expansion.
  • We have considered building second and third stories on our existing buildings, but that would be extremely difficult with classes already taking place on the property. We have a huge challenge just learning the ropes for the new high school program. 
  • We also thought about purchasing property in other locations, but nothing seemed suitable. In most cases, we would need to tear down existing buildings and start over. 
  • We have asked all our neighbors if they were interested in selling the property next to us. Finally, after years of praying, the neighbor who owns the property where our Shalom Church meets offered to sell the property.
The Property is for Sale

Over 16 years ago, I told the Choluteca church that I would get involved in starting vocational education ONLY IF God provided the resources necessary. At the time, I knew God could surely provide all the needed resources, but I admit that I had some doubts if He would provide what was needed. God provided then by giving the property and buildings.

For seven years, we have been asking doña Beti to sell us the property where the Shalom Church meets. The property is next to our clinic property and is located on the corner of the city block. Just like when we were given approval by the Ministry of Education to begin the nursing school, we were given a short timeline to act. 

We would like to stretch things about a bit more, but  one of the conditions for purchasing the property include paying for it in one year. We believe that God will once again provide beyond what we are capable of imagining. 

Another condition includes purchasing both adjoining lots, and not just the lot where the church meets. The second lot includes a milk-processing plant, and the equipment goes with the sale of the property. My first thought was that I have no idea what I am going to do with a milk processing plant and all the equipment. We wondered if we could sell it but probably would not find a buyer.
The purchase of our next door property seems like the most reasonable option.
  • For security reasons, it is best to have one larger property rather than oversee two smaller properties.
  • We recently drilled a new well for water on our clinic property and we can use that well for both properties. 
  • The property is strategically located and we have built a positive reputation in the community.
  • The purchase of the property wold allow us to add and extension education project in Choluteca.

Our plans
The property will focus on three areas of ministry:
  • Shalom Church-Our local Shalom Church has been praying for years to be able to purchase the property where we have been meeting. The owner has been very gracious in letting us use the property without paying rent. Using the property without being able to develop it for our use has been a bit like wandering in the desert. We were never really settled and could not build class rooms or build anything permanent. The church meeting area will also serve the nursing school as a multipurpose auditorium for school activities.
  • Nursing School- The nursing school is part of the Professional Technical High School plan in Honduras. We hope to add other professions in the future. Following our vision for adding a complete high school for grades 7-12 in the future, we also plan to add 7th grade as well as a second class of nursing students to our school next year. This will allow us to better prepare students for entering high school. We presently have classroom space for our first-year class of 16 students. Next year, we plan to have three classes of students totaling around 75 students. We need to immediately build three classrooms and expand our science laboratory. 
  • Milk processing plant- We will not actually be going into the milk processing business, but we have agreed to allow the business to continue operating on the property for a while. In fact, this may open a new area of ministry for us. The milk processing plant offers an intriguing educational opportunity for us. The business is a co-op made up of several dairy producers. We have talked with the administration about ways we can work with them in extension education as well as developing new products for specialized markets.

Would you join us in establishing a legacy for the next generation?

 As always, we depend on your prayers to guide us. Pray that we will continually find favor with the governmental officials who must approve our educational programs. We need your continued support financially to meet the deadline for the down payment of the property. 

 Besides praying and donating for the purchase of the property, we also need a team of construction workers to help us build three new classrooms by the end of October. We invite you to come and personally give us a hand in building for the future.

Dr. Cano (Ohio State University associate professor), presenting a seminar on "course planning" and "assessment" to our teachers and other teachers from around the city. 
Urgent Notice: We have a very limited time opportunity to make a down payment on the purchase of property that would be used to expand our nursing school and for use by our Shalom Church.  We have one week to obtain $12,000.00 of the $25,000 down payment or this opportunity will pass and we will need to consider other less desirable options.

The property beside our school is for sale for $250,000. It is ideal for what we need and is comparable in price to other similar properties here in Choluteca.
Would you consider helping us raise $12,000 over the next 7 days? Please send us ( a note letting us know of your donation so that we can keep track of the progress.

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