Vocational Education, by Osman Echeverría

It is a great blessing and privilege to be able to be a small part of this great project. In a country like ours with few opportunities and in which there seems to be no hope, God has opened an oasis and a life training camp where young and old, men and women are trained every day with greater and better skills for life and work. This preparation allows them to opt for better opportunities and join in building a better country through their contribution to private enterprise, public sector or entrepreneurship.

Unemployment and underemployment are phenomena that greatly affect our country. The lack of economic opportunities is reflecting on the growth of a sector of young people who neither study nor work called "ninis". According to a World Bank report published in 2016, in Honduras, there were 300,000 young ninis in 1990, and by 2016 this population had increased to 500,000. In Latin America, Honduras is the country with the highest rate of ninis representing a 26.8% of the general population. The young people in this group are more likely to join or become victims of criminal activity.

According to the Honduran Social Forum of External Debt and Development (FOSDEH) up to July 2017, Honduras registers an 8% unemployment rate and a 56% underemployment rate; however, the reality may be even worse.  All this labor market scenario of the country confirms that we must continue to strengthen our training areas, to bring our students closer to the workforce (through internships); in addition, entrepreneurship must be strengthened and promoted. This would allow greater opportunities for generating income and creating new jobs

In pursuit of holistic growth, our goal is to stimulate the spiritual growth of students and to
Osman and Leslie have a passion for reaching youth
for Christ.
educate them in life skills. It is endowed with other knowledge such as computing while fostering the values and competitiveness of the graduates. It also promotes innovation and entrepreneurship through the identification and development of business ideas for later execution. All of this is possible thanks to alliances with different institutions but also, thanks to the unconditional support of donors and sponsors who have believed in our ministry. They have become major drivers in the transformation and positive change in the living conditions of hundreds of young people and their Families. There is still a lot to do and although the process is often slow we believe that our Heavenly Father and his people are with us in the entire process, therefore, better things are yet to come. 

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